Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Canal RSS de la Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Angola diversifies its economy and reaffirms its bilateral links with Cuba The bilaterals relations between Cuba and Angola have been maintained for more than forty year. The ambassador of the African nation gave an exclusive interview to a team of Prensa Latina to ratify the stance of the country towards Cuba under the ruling of Joao Lorenço Spoleto, the Middle Ages Imprint I propose you to / Let’s meet Spoleto, a city that merges the architecture of the Middle Ages with modern buildings. The colleague Silvia Martinez with the comment. China: On line education grows stronger In China, online education has been more known by the great public in the last years, particularly since 2013 when the courses in massive and open lines, entered the country in cooperation with universities and web sites. Currently, more and more Chinese make study programs through the web, we offer more details by our correspondent Isaura Diez. Artist Yonlay Cabrera proposes innovative expo These days in the gallery of the House of Culture of the Plaza de la Revolución Municipality, the newest Yonlay Cabrera project is exhibited. Let's see the details International tourism in Cuba increases Every year the number of foreign tourists arriving to Cuba increases, the details in the following report. Originality and eroticism in paper clothes Originality and eroticism are key elements in the design and making of the clothes by Josué Miguel Espinosa. The journalist Evelyn Leyva Romero, with the story. Guatemalan places perpetuate Che Guevara’s historical memory Ernesto Guevara stayed for more than nine months in Guatemala. In that country, in addition to finding love, he witnessed the consequences of a military intervention financed by the United States. The following work proposes an approach to the sites in which he sowed his imprint, during his passage through the Central American country. Cuba celebrates 525 anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival Cubans recalled the meeting of two civilizations, on the 525 anniversary of the arrival of Admiral Christopher Columbus on the coasts of the Caribbean island, by Cayo Bariay. From there the journalist Edisvel Pérez with the details. The San Francisco Square shows its charms Visitors who come to Old Havana, stumble over monuments, obelisks, fountains, statues and sculptures built to remember historical figures or celebrities linked to the city. China: World’s bigger exporter China has transformed itself from a closed to an open economy and has become the first exporter and largest second importer in the world, as well as the second largest source of direct investment abroad. About its role in favor of economic opening, our correspondent Isaura Diez offers more details. Arts censorship again on debate Presenter in chamber: in Brazil ruled by Michel Temer, censorship in the artistic area has returned to the national debate. Artists and thinkers are concerned about manifestations contrary to exhibitions and theater plays. Publishing House Editorial Cuadernos Papiro makes books in an ecological way The Cuadernos Papiro publishing house makes books in an ecological way with machines of museum value. Danza Abierta Dance Company at international Theater festival Havana will hold until october 29th the International Theater Festival. Cuban and foreign theater companies take part in this 17th edition of the event. Danza Abierta is among the cuban companies. China: Innovation means economic future For China innovation is the key to a bright economic future. In that sense the country encourages a campaign to prepare innovative tasks to help restructuring the economy of the Asian giant. International support is key to preserve peace in Venezuela The Bolivarian Revolution is at the moment experiencing a crisis aggravated mainly by the hostility of the US government and some sectors of the opposition. PL newscast presents the second part of the interview with the Venezuelan ambassador to Cuba, Ali Rodriguez. The world’s smallest bird eats from my hand The world of pets is as wide as diverse, for many these animals are part of even their own family. But some domesticate animals as rare as they are difficult. Can you imagine how to tame a Zunzun? Well, although hard to believe in Pálpite, a village by the Ciénaga de Zapata, Barnabas has succeeded. Chinatown:History, culture and tradition The legends of Havana's Chinatown began with the first Asians settled in that city during the 19th century. Chang Leng with his small inn and Lam Siu Yi with a fruit and vegetable stand wrote the opening pages of a cultural symbiosis still present in Cuba. Rodríguez Araque: the only conflict that we currently have is with the U.S. His bolivarian revolution is in the midst of a crisis mainly due the hostility of the US government and some of the sectors of the opposition. About this and other topics conversed in exclusive a team of Prensa Latina with the ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Cuba, Ali Rodriguez. Ascent of the sea level is one of the most alarming effects of climate change For the last few months the Caribbean and Latin America regions have been affected by strong hurricanes. But why are these phenomena every year more common and intense? How much is climate change influencing in the periodicity of these weather events? More details in the next report of journalist Nayara Tardo. A unique means of transportation is in the roads of Guatemala The tuctuc are protagonists of the Guatemalan landscape. It is a motorized tricycle of easy driving very useful in the Central American nation for the transportation of people. The details in the following work.