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Who we are 

On June 16, 1959, only six months after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Prensa Latina's first news item circulated out of Havana into the world.

Prensa Latina News Agency was thus born amid the revolutionary effervescence of 1959, with the objective of reporting on what was truly happening in Cuba, to give the world a vision of Latin America, based on truth, as an alternative source to the big media monopolies.

More than half a century after its foundation, Prensa Latina today has offices in 39 countries and a solid, modern structure allowing it to successfully insert itself in the complex, competitive world of international news agencies.

A team of editors, writers, reporters, photographers, as well as correspondents and stringers worldwide contribute to PL news services, supported by highly qualified technicians and engineers who make sure that PL messages on the most diverse issues reach the world.


Besides its news coverage work, PL offers a diverse range of services from radio, publishing to multimedia works. It produces from 350 to 400 news items daily for its world information service; a selection of those are written for its casts in English, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and French.

PL on the WEB

Prensa Latina has 10 news websites, including a photo service, a radio site and pages in different languages other than Spanish. It's main website is www.prensa-latina.cu. Its English service can be viewed at www.plenglish.com.

Publishing House

Prensa Latina also has a publishing house. An experienced team of journalists, designers and copy editors are in charge of making PL journals like ORBE weekly (in Spanish), with editions for Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and El Salvador, The Havana Reporter, in English, as well as other publications by request such as Viet Nam News, “La Calle del Medio”, “Habanera” and “Correos de Cuba”. They also offer designing, diagramming and layout services by request, and even magazines for other institutions.


An office of qualified professionals prepares daily and weekly newsletters on diverse topics and issues of interest. They can even make them the request of interested institutions or individuals at moderate costs. You can contact plcomercial@cl.prensa-latina.cu.


Its TV section, known as PLTV, offers video news materials ready for broadcasting by TV stations and it also posts video news reports on YouTube. It also offers non-edited video images of special events, coverage and technical services, as well as renting cameras, correspondent's service, documentary films and co-productions. You can contact plcomercial@cl.prensa-latina.cu for further information.


PL has one of the largest image archives in Latin America and the Caribbean, resulting from over 50 years of photo reporting, selection, archiving and conservation. It offers its image products through www.fotospl.com. Those interested in historical photos or images can contact plcomercial@cl.prensa-latina.cu.


The radio staff produces 26 programs a day on several topics, and distributes its services to nearly 150 radio stations in Cuba and other countries in mp3 format, in the form of bulletins.


Prensa Latina has a multimedia department with more than 100 published works. It can offer services on digital format from information to promotional, educational, cultural, children's to meetings and events by CD/DVDROMs. A team of professionals can provide any material or information that a customer or interested party requires in digital format. Contact plcomercial@cl.prensa-latina.cu

"Letras Urgentes" Publisher

PL edits and publishes books on different issues from social, cultural to scientific topics chiefly from the perspective of its own journalists.

Agencia Informativa Latinoamericana, S. A.
Calle E # 454 esq 19, Vedado, La Habana, Cuba.
Teléf: (+53) 7 838 3496, (+53) 7 838 3497, (+53) 7 838 3498, (+53) 7 838 3499
Email: plcomercial@cl.prensa-latina.cu