Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Canal RSS de la Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Cuban Steel Factory is Refurbished with Russian Investment (+Photos) By Teyuné Díaz Díaz Havana, Sep 11 (PL) Some 165 million dollars is the amount of a Russian investment destined to the total refurbishment of an important steel plant in Cuba, whose production of steel bars for construction represents a strategic material. Cover-up of Those Responsible for Puerto Rican Debt Denounced San Juan, Aug 24 (Prensa Latina) The Citizen Front for Audition of the Debt accused the Board of Fiscal Supervision of pretending to cover-up violations of the law, excessive profits of speculators and a greater economic load on the Puerto Rican people. Iran to Receive Second Batch of Enriched Uranium From Russia Tehran, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) Iran will soon receive a second batch of enriched uranium up to 20 percent that Russia kept under a nuclear agreement signed between the Persian nation and six world powers. Air France Unions Threaten To Restart Strikes in September Paris, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) The main pilot union of the airline Air France has threatened to go on strike again in September if the new management of the company does not resume negotiations on the matter. Cuba, Vietnam Consolidate Economic Relations in Mariel Zone By Teyune Diaz Diaz* Havana (PL) The attraction of foreign investments and the development of an industrial park are some of the aims of the company ViMariel S.A., a Cuban entity with fully Vietnamese capital located in the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM). Ethiopia: Pieces to Assemble the Economic Puzzle By Richard Ruiz Julien* Addis Ababa (PL) Ethiopia's economic growth over the last decade was driven mainly by an expansive fiscal policy that seems increasingly unsustainable, according to local experts. USA Puts the World on the Edge of a Trade War Brussels, Jun 1 (Prensa Latina) Washington's decision to eliminate the temporary exemption of steel and aluminum tariffs from the EU, Mexico, and Canada provoked an immediate response from those countries that envision an unprecedented global trade war. MERCOSUR Explores Possible Trade Approach with South Korea Asuncion, May 24 ( Prensa Latina) Foreign Minister of Paraguay Eladio Loizaga, representing the pro tempore presidency of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), will begin today talks in Seoul, South Korea, on a trade approchement with this Asian nation. Bolivia Prepares Decree on Transport Drivers Retirement La Paz, May 22 (Prensa Latina) The leader of the Bolivian Drivers' Confederation, Ismael Fernandez, reported today that a decree on transport drivers'' retirement is expected for the first days of June, a norm still in the conformation phase.