Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Canal RSS de la Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Iran accepts effective nuclear dialogue Tehran, Oct 27 (Prensa Latina) Iran will accept a nuclear dialogue with the 4+1 group (the United Kingdom, France, Russia and China plus Germany) if it proposes to lift sanctions and guarantees that there will never be non-compliance, MEHR agency stressed on Wednesday. Dozens of towns in southern Syria pacified Damascus, Oct 26 (Prensa Latina) At least 50 towns and cities in the province of Deraa, in southern Syria, joined the reconciliation process proposed by the state. Lebanon will not yield even one centimeter to Israel Beirut, Oct 25 (Prensa Latina) Lebanon's Foreign Minister, Abdala Bou Habib, assured today that they will not cede a single centimeter of the maritime borders to Israel, in statements to the local television station Al Jadeed. Pope Francis expresses closeness to migrants and refugees in Libya Vatican City, Oct 24 (Prensa Latina) Pope Francis expressed on Sunday in the Vatican City his closeness to the thousands of migrants, refugees and others who are in need of protection in Libya. Cuba's diplomatic management praised in Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Oct 24 (Prensa Latina) Abebe Ayalew, president of the Friendship Association between the peoples of Ethiopia and Cuba, on Sunday praised the management done by Cuban Ambassador to this country, Vilma Thomas, whom he considered a worthy representative of her people. NGO denounces construction of Jewish settlement Tel Aviv, Oct 24 (Prensa Latina) The Israeli NGO Peace Now today accused Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of leading an annexationist government and condemned the construction of a new Jewish colony in the heart of Hebron, largest city in the West Bank. Afghan official sends peace message Kabul, Oct 24 (Prensa Latina) The acting minister of Defense of Afghanistan, Muhammad Yaqoob Mujahid, asserted today that the national army will deliver a message of peace to the world and assured that the country's territory will not be used against any nation. Lebanon reaffirms its support for Cuba Beirut, Oct 23 (Prensa Latina) Lebanon has reaffirmed its support for and solidarity with the Cuban government and people amid the hostile blockade imposed by the United States for nearly 60 years, Prensa Latina News Agency reported on Saturday. Syria reaffirms will to fight terrorism despite attacks Damascus, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday affirmed that terrorist attacks will not affect the determination to continue fighting this scourge until its definitive eradication and the restoration of security across the nation. Ghost of civil war revives in Lebanon Beirut, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) The shooting in Tayouneh revived the ghost of the 1975-1990 civil war in Lebanon, as almost similar reasons drove the shoot-out in which seven citizens were killed and dozens were wounded, analysts stress on Thursday. Turkey reinforced troops in Syria Damascus, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) A Turkish army convoy entered today Idlib province in northwestern Syria, where Ankara holds dozens of military positions and sponsors extremist anti-government armed groups, local media reported. Egyptian and Russian troops carry out joint drills Cairo, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) Egyptian and Russian paratroopers are carrying out on Thursday in Cairo the fifth edition of the annual Protectors of Friendship drill, a statement from the Armed Forces reported. US firm to resume audit in Lebanon Beirut, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) The US consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) on Thursday will resume an audit at the Central Bank of Lebanon, after several setbacks and hardships, the Presidency announced on Wednesday. Protests in Lebanon ahead of fuel price hike Beirut, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) Demonstrations across Lebanon protested against another rise in fuel prices, derived from a gradual subsidy lifting by the Central Bank (Banque du Liban). Double bombing in Syria's capital kills 13 Damascus, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) At least 13 people, among soldiers and civilians, were killed on Wednesday and three others were wounded when two bombs exploded on a military bus in Damascus. Egypt, Sudan hold joint military drills Cairo, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) Egypt and Sudan started on Wednesday the joint military drill dubbed 'Guardians of the South,' to the west of northern Alexandria, a military communique announced. Division and unity over investigation on Beirut's port blast Beirut, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) The traditional division between parties and religious confessions in Lebanon on Tuesday left aside with a supposed unity to avoid depth in the investigation into last year's devastating explosion at Beirut's port. Compromising reports on Lebanese Forces released Beirut, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) The Al-Mayadeen pan-Arab TV channel released compromising reports on the Christian Lebanese Forces party, whose leader, Samir Geagea, is blamed for the ambush that took place last Thursday in Tayouneh, Beirut. Syrian Nationalist Party calls to dissolve Lebanese Forces Beirut, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian Nationalist Party of Lebanon called for the dissolution of the Lebanese Forces, which are responsible for risky practices for the country's stability, according to a communique reproduced Monday on pan-Arab channel Al Mayadeen. Israel murdered head of Golan office in Syria Damascus, Oct 17 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian government on Sunday announced the death of Director of the Golan Affairs Office, Madhat al-Saleh, who was assassinated in Quneitra province, located 67 kms southwest of this capital.