Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Canal RSS de la Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Cuban Diva Omara Portuondo Kicks Off World Tour in USA Los Angeles, USA, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Diva Omara Portuondo will give on Friday in Los Angeles, California, the first concert of her world tour, which will run until 2020. Nicaragua Unveils Monument to Peace, Life and Hope Managua, (Prensa Latina) Managua dawned Tuesday today with the Monument to Peace, Life and Hope open to the public after several months of construction work hosted and funded by the mayor''s office of the city. Sixty-two years after the Death of Pedro Infante, Mexico still Mourns   By Luis Manuel Arce Isaac Mexico, Apr 15 (Prensa Latina) Like every April for 62 years, the Pantheon Garden of Mexico City is convulsing where is the tomb of Pedro Infante, eternal national idol, dead one day as today in a plane crash in Merida. Uruguay artist Fernando Foglino Exhibits in Havana Biennial Havana, (Prensa Latina) As part of the activities for the 13th Biennial of Havana, Uruguayan artist Fernando Foglino inaugurated his exhibition Evidencia, a selection of replicas of stolen pieces of historical monuments from his country. Cuba Denounces Impact of US Blockade at UNESCO Paris, Apr 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's representative before the UNESCO Executive Council, Oscar Leon, denounced the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on the Caribbean Island, diplomatic sources said on Thursday. China Recuperated over 1,000 Relics Taken to Italy and the US Beijing,  (Prensa Latina) China repatriated this year 1,157 relics taken to Italy and the United States by means of smuggling, which it is proposed to curb in cooperation with the help of several countries, the National Administration of Cultural Heritage reported on Wednesday. Cuba Highlights UNESCO's Role to Consolidate World Peace Paris,  (Prensa Latina) Cuba on Tuesday noted here the crucial role of UNESCO in the consolidation of peace, which is increasingly relevant in light of growing global threats. Artists from over 52 Countries Will Enter the 13th Havana Biennial Havana,  (Prensa Latina) Creators from 52 countries will transform with art public spaces of the capital and other provinces of Cuba, from April 12 to May 12 for the 13th Biennial of Havana, organizers confirmed on Monday. Four Cuban Fiction Movies Competing at Film Festival in New York City New York, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) Four Cuban fiction movies will be competing at the Havana Film Festival of New York that will also dedicate special sessions to screen anthological films and recent productions of the island. Cuban Dancer Premieres a Ballet from Magdeburg, Germany   Berlin, Apr 6 (Prensa Latina) The first dancer of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba (BNC) Grettel Morejon will perform today the role of Mina in the premiere of Dracula, of the German Magdeburg Ballet, at the invitation of the director and choreographer Gonzalo Galguera. Havana Film Festival honors Cuban filmmaker Fernando Perez (+Photos) New York, USA, Apr 5 (Prensa Latina) The Havana Film Festival of New York, opening this Friday will dedicates its series of special events, to honor film director Fernando Perez, responsible for emblematic works of Cuban cinematography such as ''Clandestinos''. Maduro Highlights Legacy of Venezuelan Writer Romulo Gallegos Caracas, Apr 5 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro highlighted Friday the legacy of novelist and politician Romulo Gallegos (1884-1969) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death. Venezuela to Host 8th International Theater Festival Caracas, Apr 5 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan Ministry of Culture is preparing the Eighth International Theater Festival 2019, to be held from April 12 to 21 in this capital, where 30 national and eight international groups will participate. American Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola Announces New Film Los Angeles, United States, Apr 4 (Prensa Latina) The American filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola returns as director with the film Megalopolis, considered today by critics as his most ambitious project in decades. Palestineans in Jerusalem Celebrate Festivity of Al-Isra Ramallah,  (Prensa Latino) A thousand of palestinian celebrated on Wednesday the Muslim festivity of Al-Isra Wal Miraj in the mosque of Al-Aqsa in the Ol City of Jerusalem, third place more sacred of Islam and main place of prayer in these days. Archeology, Attraction for Cultural Tourism in Cuba Camagüey, Cuba, Apr 3 (Prensa Latina) Archaeological studies are today one of the main attractions of this central-eastern region of Cuba, with great cultural bastions. Cuba Hosts 18th Youth Film Festival Havana, Apr 2 (Prensa Latina) With the screening of short film ''Diario'' (Diary), of young movie maker Juan Carlos Alom, the 18th Youth Film Festival opens on Tuesday in Havana. La Colmenita Celebrates 55th Anniversary of EGREM Havana,  (Prensa Latina) With a show by the children''s theater company La Colmenita, the Havana-based Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales (EGREM) is celebrating its 55th anniversary on Sunday. Cuba, United States Musicians to Offer a Concert in Cuba Havana, March 29 (Prensa Latina) Cuban and North American musicians will perform this Friday the Alabama-Havana Musical Exchange, a special concert in the Cervantes Hall in Havana. Uruguayans to Enjoy Originals by Pablo Picasso for the First Time Montevideo, Mar 29 (Prensa Latina) Uruguayans since Friday have the possibility to appreciate first hand the creative genius of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso through 45 original works under exhibition in Montevideo up to June 30.