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Lebanon reaffirms its support for CubaBeirut, Oct 23 (Prensa Latina) Lebanon has reaffirmed its support for and solidarity with the Cuban government and people amid the hostile blockade imposed by the United States for nearly 60 years, Prensa Latina News Agency reported on Saturday.

Cuba reports 1,393 Covid-19 cases and 14 deathsHavana, Oct 23 (Prensa Latina) Cuba on Saturday reported 1,393 new positive cases for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19, and 14 deaths from complications associated with the disease.

Havana, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) No child has died from Covid-19 in Cuba in the last month, and no newborn baby has died from this disease since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Ministry of Public Health reported on Friday.

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Caracas, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday called on the population to comply with health measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in view of the beginning of face-to-face classes on Monday.

Havana, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has administered over 25 million doses of domestic Covid-19 vaccines less than six months after the beginning of the mass vaccination campaign, an official source reported on Friday.

Havana, Oct 22 ( Prensa Latina) Cuba's Ministry of Public Health on Friday described the country's situation regarding the results in the fight against Covid-19 as stable.

Antananarivo, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) Severe drought in Madagascar could spur world's first climate change famine, according to an official of the World Food Program (WFP).

Santo Domingo, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) Dominican media outlets on Friday reported a new Cuban breakthrough, the production of the drug called Epo, an innovative product against Alzheimer's disease.

Cuba reported 1,476 Covid-19 cases and 20 deathsHavana, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) Cuba confirmed today 1,476 positive cases for SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19, and 20 deaths from complications related to the disease, numbers slightly higher than those from yesterday.

Berlin, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) The Robert Koch Institute of Virology (RKI) warned of a foreseeable increase in Covid-19 cases in the country for autumn and winter, a trend identified since the end of September.

Geneva, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday reported that about 150,000 healthcare workers have died by coronavirus since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020.