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Cost Ricans demand end to US blockade against CubaSan Jose, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) The Costa Rican Cuba Solidarity Committee (CCSC) on Monday demanded an end to the economic, financial and commercial blockade that the United States has imposed on Cuba for nearly six decades, and has further tightened over the past few years.

Havana, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has expanded its collaboration with other countries against Covid-19 by sending medical brigades and sharing experiences.

Moscow, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) Russia's press highlighted this Monday Cuba's solidarity by offering the service of its doctors to other nations, in the midst of the scourge of the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hydraulic works culminate to mitigate drought in Cuban capitalHavana, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) Two important works to mitigate drought in Havana have entered test phase, authorities of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources informed to local television.

Tegucigalpa, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) After a brigade of Cuban health collaborators arrived in Honduras to help fighting the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the Ministry of Health recalled that the island's solidarity in this field has been present since 1998.

Santo Domingo, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) The world requires international solidarity like never before, the Dominican Communist Party of Labor (PCT) stated.

Cuban President recognizes role of science against Covid-19Havana, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, has highlighted the role of science in the fight against Covid-19, during a meeting with representatives of the country's scientific institutions.

 Spanish language festivity on April 23Madrid, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) The Spanish language, as we know it today, is the result of a process of transformation that involves various languages ??of the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula and their influences.

Santo Domingo, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) The virtual race called by organizers of the Half Marathon in Varadero, Cuba, was attended today by about a thousand athletes from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, the Dominican Republic, United States, Switzerland, Venezuela, Uruguay, Portugal, Belgium and Germany, in addition to participants from all the regions of Cuba.

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, April 19 (Prensa Latina) The local industries of the central Cuban province of Sancti Spíritus have so far made more than 187,000 nasobucos (masks) necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Havana, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, affirmed today that the island's men and women of science are opening paths to better face the Covid-19 pandemic.