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Moscow, May 23 (Prensa Latina) Russia recorded on Saturday 107,936 recoveries from Covid-19 disease, and 8,111 healed in the last 24 hours, indicated the capital television.

Panama, May 20 (Prensa Latina) The number of homicides in Panama has risen to 217 to date, a figure that is close to 281 deaths the coronavirus pandemic has left in this country.

Tehran, May 20 (Prensa Latina) The exchanges of threats and responses between Iran and the United States are reflected today in the Caribbean Sea and the Persian Gulf in the face of possible dangerous events for world peace.

Bogota, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Colombian President Ivan Duque announced the extension of the compulsory preventive isolation until May 31, in order to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

Belgrade, May 20 (Prensa Latina) The international call for solidarity with Cuba and against the blockade in times of the coronavirus pandemic received on Wednesday its adherence to the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Organizations in Defense of Humanity-Serbia Chapter (MOC-Srbija).

Havana, May 20 ( Prensa Latina) The Cuban Public Health Ministry informed today in this capital that of the 1,900 positive cases in the Caribbean country of Covid-19, 951 were asymptomatic.

Havana, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Health authorities reported today that Cuba has no cases of the pediatric multisystemic inflammatory syndrome associated with Covid-19, a condition that was recently the subject of a World Health Organization (WHO) warning.

Havana, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel described on Wednesday as very inspiring the recent visits to the Neuroscience Center and the directorate of the Electronics Group, where he learned about the contributions of the national industry to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Havana, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's government urged this Wednesday the world to prioritize saving lives based on international cooperation and solidarity in Covid-19 times.

Moscow, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Russia on Wednesday reached 2,972 deaths among 308,705 cases of the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, causing the Covid-19 disease, after recording 135 new deaths and 8,764 new cases and 85,392 recoveries.

Bogota, May 20 (Prensa Latina) The head of the United Nations (UN) Mission that verifies the implementation of Colombia's Peace Agreement, Carlos Ruiz, stood out on Wednesday the commitment of Cuba and Norway to consolidate the process.