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Caracas, June 13 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza and Italian Ambassador in Caracas, Placido Vigo, ratified the common interest in broadening cooperation ties between the two nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported Thursday.

Vatican City, June 13 (Prensa Latina) Pope Francis has spoken out on Thursday against new forms of bondage that enslave millions of men, women, youth and children.

Geneva, Jun 13 ( Prensa Latina) The United Nations agency for trade and development (Unctad) has confirmed Thursday a 13 percent drop in foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2018 worldwide.


Sofia, Jun 13 (Prensa Latina) The so-called Fake News focus on Thursday the 6th News Agencies World Congress (NAWC), opened by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, in the presence of more than 90 media outlets from about 80 countries.

London, Jun 13 (Prensa Latina) The Government of the United Kingdom (UK) has restrained on Wednesday a motion presented by the Labor opposition seeking to prevent the exit of the European Union (EU) without a treaty agreed with the EU bloc and ratified by the British Parliament.

Madrid, Jun 12 (Prensa Latina) After four months of hearings, the trial of 12 Catalan separatist leaders for their role in the attempted secession of such a Spanish region in 2017 was seen on Wednesday for passing sentence in the Supreme Court.

Kiev, Jun 12 (Prensa Latina) Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko showed on Wednesday total disrespect for an order by President Vladimir Zelensky to leave that position, considering it illegal.

Paris, June 12 (Prensa Latina) French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe reported on Wednesday to prioritize social and ecological issues in the coming months in what he described as Emmanuel Macron´s''second chapter'' of his term.

Berlin, Jun 12 (Prensa Latina) The President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, has said on Wednesday that the global slowdown is affecting Central and Eastern Europe´s economies.

Rome, Jun 12 (Prensa Latina) Italian President Sergio Mattarella on Wednesday highlighted the importance of dialogue, relations and exchange in the field of culture, due to its meaning for reciprocal enrichment for all in the international community.

Havana, Jun 12 (Prensa Latina) Environment ministers and forestry authorities from Central America will join efforts with their colleagues from the Caribbean and the rest of Latin America to boost regional reforestation, at a meeting that opens on Wednesday with Cuba''s official incorporation.