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The Havana Reporter

The Artes de Cuba Festival the U.S. capital is hosting through June 3rd is among the highlights of the latest issue of  The Havana Reporter, published May 16.

Other topics included in this issue are the celebration of Havana´s 500th anniversary next year and the release of a book portraying the lifestyle of Indo-Cubans living in the easternmost province, Guantanamo. The New York-based publishing house Campana has collaborated on this project.

Regarding  regional matters, the issue includes articles on hemispheric relations and the territorial conflict involving Guatemala and Belize, which will be taken to the International Court of Justice for a final ruling.

Details of Cuba´s International Tourism Fair and the island´s new parliament are among the highlights of The Havana Reporter´s latest issue, dated April 30th.

This issue also takes a look at the Cuban Arts Festival: From the Island to the World, which the John F. Kennedy Center, in Washington D.C., will host beginning May 8th and where the Caribbean nation will be represented by a large delegation.

On regional affairs, relations between the United States of America and Latin America are discussed in the light of the 8th Summit of the Americas, hosted by Peru in mid-April.


Circulating since April 16, this year´s seventh issue of  The Havana Reporter brings the reader details of the Cuban Art: From the Island to the World” Festival which the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. will host from May 8-June 3rd. This initiative is organized by the Cuba Ministry of Culture too.

Other articles on Cuba discuss the island´s strengthened relations with African nations, the increasing presence of women in Parliament and director Fernando Perez´s latest production Insumisas (Non-submissive women).

On regional affairs, this issue takes a look at relations between the U.S. and Latin America under President Donald Trump.


Circulating on March 29, the sixth issue of this year´s Havana Reporter analyzes the U.S. government´s increasing hostility towards Cuba in one of its highlight articles. Other topics include Cuban-Japanese relations, the Caribbean island´s culture, tourism and sports. 

Moreover, in the regional spotlight, this issue takes a look at the upcoming 8th Summit of the Americas to be held in Lima, Peru as well as the return of Sebastian Piñera to Chile's presidency.


Cuba´s actions to protect the environment and to fight climate change are among the topics discussed in the latest issue of  The Havana Reporter, dated March 16.

 This issue also includes articles on the island´s tourism, culture and sports. Moreover, relations between the United States and Mexico and China´s growing investments in Latin America and the Caribbean are also discussed.