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The Havana Reporter

The Havana Reporter No.20/ 29 de octubre, 2018As a sign of its cultural-economic vitality, the Cuban capital is once again hosting two major events: Havana´s International Trade Fair and the 26th Alicia Alonso Ballet Festival. Both events are among the highlights of this year´s 20th edition of  The Havana Reporter, published October 29.   Another topic discussed in this issue is Cuba´s peak tourism season, from November through April, for which the island features some new facilities, including the Segundo Frente (Second Front) Hotel, located in Santiago de Cuba province.  This issue also addresses the consequences of the U.S. blockade against Cuba for the private sector, as part of the background to the draft resolution the Caribbean nation will once again submit to the UN General Assembly to renew its call to end that policy, implemented for some 60 years now. The document will be voted on this October 31. There is also an overview of Cuba’s baseball championship, which has just entered its second stage with six teams competing to advance to the final round