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Puerto Rican pro-independence organizations sign declaration

San Juan, June 21 (Prensa Latina) Several anti-colonial and pro-independence organizations of Puerto Rico released this Thursday a unitary declaration to present to the United Nations Decolonization Committee.

Member entities of the Boricua Independence Front, such as the Puerto Rican Independence Party Committee of New York, Puertorriqueños Unidos en Acción, El Grito, El País Posible and other patriotic entities such as the Hostosiano del Norte Institute, the Institute of International Relations and the Ñin Negrón Movement, submitted the report.

“Puerto Rico is a nation occupied, intervened and dominated politically, economically, legally and militarily by a foreign power called the United States of America. This, as a result of the belligerent military invasion of July 25, 1898,” the text reads.

Despite 126 years of colonialism, our idiosyncrasy and identity as a people remains combative and vibrant in the affirmation of its inalienable right to occupy the space that corresponds to it among the free peoples of the world, he continues.

“Colonialism as a system of oppression and domination denies oppressed peoples fundamental rights and access to education, health, housing, decent wages, quality of life. That is the reality of Puerto Rico today,” he adds.

For this reason we attend before the United Nations Decolonization Committee to fulfill our responsibility of keeping the international community informed about the situation in our country, explain the signatories.

The Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples approved by the UN General Assembly in December 1960, raises the need for the end of colonialism in all its forms and manifestations.

This resolution also defends the right to self-determination and independence of colonized peoples and demands the transfer of all powers to the colonized country so that it can make a truly free decision without tutelage or impositions from the metropolis.

“By appearing before international forums, the organizations of the Puerto Rican national liberation movement seek to expand our spheres of influence, unmask the oppressive power and build spaces of solidarity among the free countries of the world for the eventual incorporation of a Free Puerto Rico,” manifests the statement.

“In no way do we seek to delegate the historical responsibility that corresponds to our people to fight by all available methods and means to achieve our national independence. It will be our people, in the fight for their inalienable rights, the true builder of their liberation,” concludes. ef/arc/adr