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Russian experts neutralize Atacms missile detonators

Moscow, Jul 2 (Prensa Latina) Russian military specialists studied in depth the complex detonator system of the U.S. Atacms missile, and managed to neutralize them, Vzgliad digital newspaper reported.

According to the publication, the experts analyzed the multi-component fuse of the aforementioned projectile, and concluded that the Atacms warhead was initially developed for an anti-ship missile.

The Russian specialists said they were able to neutralize the rocket’s detonator while the fuse was in firing position. And they also found that on the inside there is a rotating motor that closes the internal circuit of the fuse.

After this they managed to open the body and appreciated that the system is duplicated, and in it four detonating capsules are installed and the main drive to operate the mechanism is based on magnetic elements.

Such a complex design is associated with safety of use, but Russian military experts cracked the secret, just as they did earlier with the guidance system.

The United States began supplying Atacms ballistic missiles to Ukraine in 2023. Manufactured by Lockheed Martin, these missiles have a caliber of 610 millimeters, measure four meters and weigh 1,6 tons. The Block 1 modification has a range of 165 kilometers.

Moscow repeatedly warned that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is “playing with fire” by saturating Ukraine with weapons, and that foreign convoys with war materiel would be “legitimate targets” for its military as soon as they crossed the border.