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Sri Lankan group congratulates Bolivia for victory over military coup

Colombo, Jul 5 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivarian Solidarity Group of Sri Lanka congratulated Bolivian President Luis Arce, the social movements and the people for the defeat of the attempted military coup on June 26.

In a message sent to Prensa Latina by its coordinating secretary, Jeewantha Jayathisa, the Sri Lankan organization assured that the anti-constitutional action, which had the support of the United States, was aimed at destabilizing South America and supporting Washington’s claims to control the region.

He described the Bolivian president’s quick reaction and the immediate arrest of the high-ranking military officers responsible for the attempted coup as a lesson for the world.

The Sri Lankan group, the international wing of the National Freedom Front (NFF), recognized the role and patriotism of the people who put their country first and was prepared to defend their sovereignty and democracy.

He affirmed that international media outlets, bent on the West, exposed their complicity for having blessed the coup attempt to bring former President Jeanine Añez back to power, who took office in 2019 in an anti-constitutional action.

Jayathisa stressed that Sri Lanka and its Asian counterparts are proud of the strengthening of the anti-imperialist cause, which is becoming a globally powerful force, he assued.

In this regard, the Sri Lankan organization recalled the role of leaders such as Fidel Castro, from Cuba; Hugo Chávez, from Venezuela, and others from the South American region.

When anti-imperialists in Sri Lanka were studying Simón Bolívar, the Venezuelan humanitarian leader, and the life story of Comrade Che Guevara, our attention also crossed with Bolivia, he added.

Jayathisa explained that even though Sri Lanka is thousands of kilometers away from South America, the group remains attentive to the events taking place in nations where the US imperialists constantly seek to intervene.

We cannot forget that the United States tried to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro on 637 occasions, he recalled.

On the other hand, the Bolivarian Solidarity Group of Sri Lanka called on those who are on the side of US imperialism to look at the fate of Ukraine, a nation with a people in hardship due to a government allied to the warlike actions and the desire for power of the United States.

Jayathisa added that the neoliberal economic system is destined to collapse as countries unite against it and support Russia and China.

Latin America can be proud of how Cuba and its people have defended their homeland during decades of US imperialism and the Bolivian leaders and people have also shown their commitment and challenged those who want to ruin their nation, he concluded.