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Venezuela thanks China for rejecting US stripping CITGO

Caracas, June 19 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela expressed its gratitude to the Government of China for its firm rejection of the dispossession of the company CITGO Petroleum Corporation by the United States.

On behalf of President Nicolás Maduro, last night on X, Foreign Minister Yván Gil thanked Beijing’s position of “condemning the illegal sanctions that continue to affect our oil industry,” and denouncing that these actions “seek to inflict harm on our country and criminally appropriate our resources.”

The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Lin Jian, stated on Tuesday that China opposes the illegal measures that weigh on Venezuela, imposed unilaterally by the United States. “We urge Washington to immediately and completely stop interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela,” the spokesman declared at a press conference, supporting the statement of the Bolivarian Government strongly condemning the process of the US authorities to seize CITGO refineries.

The Chinese functionary pointed out in his statement that the forced sale of the company constitutes a new episode of the multifaceted aggression carried out by United States institutions against Venezuela, and affirmed that China has always firmly defended the Charter of the United Nations and the basic norms that govern international relations.

Lin Jian demanded the White House to completely abolish sanctions against Venezuela and do more things that lead to peace, stability, and development of the countries.

Yesterday in an ordinary session, the National Assembly (Parliament) debated the issue. Jorge Rodríguez, president of Parliament, denounced that the US Court of Delaware accepted the offers for the consummation of the auction and theft of the CITGO company, and declared that “there are companies that have already shared the loot at a truly ridiculous price”, because the assets of the entity amount to 21 billion dollars.

Rodríguez insisted that “they stole CITGO, they already auctioned it off, and Gerardo Blyde, chief negotiator of the Democratic Unitary Platform, instead of opposing, the only thing he asked was that they wait “until August for the elections to pass because it could hurt us.”

The official blamed the “thieves of Horacio Medina, Leopoldo López, Juan Guaidó, José Ignacio Hernández, and Julio Borges”, who agreed and were “the ones who delivered the company under their administration”, which covered the legislative period of 2015-2020.