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First steps
On June 16, 1959, only six months after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the first news with the PL abbreviation circulated out of Havana into the world. Prensa Latina News Agency was thus born amid the revolutionary effervescence of those days, with the intention of reporting on what was really happening in Cuba, to give the world a vision of Latin America different to those offered by big media monopolies of the time.

In the 21st century
Half a century after its foundation, Prensa Latina has a solid, modern structure allowing it to successfully insert itself in the complex, competitive world of international news agencies.

A team of editors, writers, reporters, photographers, as well as correspondents and stringers worldwide contribute to PL news services, supported by highly qualified technicians and engineers who make possible that PL messages on the most diverse issues reach the world.

Over 400 dispatches comprise the world news service PL transmits each day in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Turkish.

PL on the WEB
Prensa Latina has 17 websites for the diffusion of its products and news services in different languages and format, available at, y

Prensa Latina is also an important publishing house.

An experienced team of journalists, designers and copy editors are in charge of preparing the contents and designing over 30 periodic publications, some of them made to order.

Among them is ORBE weekly paper, with editions for Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Other publications include the magazines Negocios en Cuba, Cuba Internacional, Avances Médicos de Cuba and Correos de Cuba. The latter is directed to Cubans abroad.

Other publications such as Habanera, Excelencias del Caribe, Amazonía, Vietnam Ilustrado, Avances Médicos de las Américas and Cuba Plus, as well as guides of the main Cuban tourism resorts, are edited for institutions or enterprises from Cuba and other countries.

The branch of PL commercially known as “Génesis Multimedia” already comprises over one hundred titles in digital support, featuring the encyclopedia “Todo de Cuba”, with updates every two years, and the CD Che por siempre” and “Andar La Habana,” just to mention a few.

Due to the experience and professional qualification of its specialists, Génesis is in conditions to -so it does- successfully assume and accomplish any creative task in the field of multimedia, with accuracy and high professional standards.

The TV section, known as “PLTV,” has almost two years of experience and offers timeless TV news materials ready to be broadcast by radio stations and TV networks worldwide, chiefly from Latin America.

PLTV also produces materials with video format for different purposes, and offers technical assistance services.

Prensa Latina has a modern photography service with current images and photo archive from Cuba and the rest of the world. You can click on to have an idea.

Radio Service
The radio staff produces 26 programs daily on the most varied affairs, and distributes its services to nearly 150 receivers in Cuba and other parts of the world in mp3 format, in the form of bulletins.

Prensa Latina Publisher
Prensa Latina publications edit books on different subjects of social sciences, chiefly from the perspective of journalism and its genres, basically dealing with the Cuban history and reality.

Agencia Informativa Latinoamericana, S. A.
Calle E No. 454, esquina a 19, Vedado, La Habana, Cuba.
Tel: (53-7) 838 34 96 /(53-7) 838 3510 (53-7) 838 35 04
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