Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Rio de Janeiro (Prensa Latina) March 18 marked the 20th anniversary of the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, which was carried out without any legitimate reason or approval of the UN Security Council, but which left 300 thousand Iraqis dead and the famous photographic records of the atrocities committed by the Americans in the Abu Ghraib prison.
Buenos Aires, (Prensa Latina) Latin America constitutes the “natural” reservation for the expansionist geopolitics of the United States ruling class. Since the infamous Monroe Doctrine of 1823 “America for the (North) Americans”, the voracity of United States capitalism made this region its backyard.
Georgetown, (Prensa Latina) Since the early part of the 19th century, the United States began to dream of world domination. On December 2, 1823, two hundred years ago, US President Monroe proclaimed that the European powers must recognize the Western Hemisphere as the US sphere of influence. This was an early declaration of its intention to replace the old colonial powers and become the world’s super power.
Quito (Prensa Latina) The first proposals on Latin American dependency emerged during the 1960s, associated with ECLAC´s formulations on external dependence, which implied the fragility of the regional countries in international trade, since they exported raw materials and imported processed goods and technologies. There is even a gap in the terms of trade. There was early talk of “center” and “periphery”.
Quito, (Prensa Latina) In Latin America, social inequalities have been valid and varied according to different historical periods. Among aboriginal societies these inequalities are visible from the period archaeologists call “regional development”, with “lordships”, “chiefdoms” and “curacazos”.
By: Sergio Ferrari*
Brussels, (Prensa Latina) Another Davos Economic Forum has just taken place with pure rhetoric and a lot of media show, but without concrete proposals to solve the disorder of the current world system, where several crises are intertwined in one.
By: Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein
Havana, (Prensa Latina) The world is regressing. Barbarism is being imposed. Several values, principles and behaviors which Humanity had accepted as valid -even though they reflect societies of antagonistic classes- and which a great deal of that very same Humanity considers “normal”, are being trampled, ill-treated and excluded from every-day life.
Havana (Prensa Latina) Innovation will be the central axis of Cuba´s strategy for scientific development in 2023, but its success will depend on its conscientious application in priority issues such as food production, energy and renewable sources.