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President Diaz-Canel highlights debate of ideas at Patria Colloquium

Havana, Mar 15 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Wednesday described as a victory what was achieved at the debates of the second edition of the Patria (Homeland) Colloquium, with the participation of progressive communicators from several nations.

At a meeting with participants at the Palace of the Revolution, in this capital, on Tuesday, the president assured that what we began to found and build last year from the left, with a small number of progressive communicators, was consolidated at this meeting that had a very high level of debate.

The head of State reflected that the causes that lead the media in power of the empire to promote campaigns of hate, lies and slander against the revolutionary processes were deeply analyzed.

Diaz-Canel warned that Cuba has accumulated a lot of experience in this regard, because it is constantly besieged and constantly filled with falsehoods from the reactionary media. He mentioned as an example the “famous pretext of the alleged sonic incidents in Havana, for which (former President) Donald Trump applied 243 measures to intensify the blockade against Cuba.”

He explained that this story moved like a snowball but today “the lie is undone, but the 243 measures that intensify the blockade are still in place.”

The Cuban president pointed out that “fighting against lies has a price, and all of us are paying that price defending the truth; but it is the most dignified thing we can do if we want a better world. It is the most revolutionary thing we can do to break the hegemonism that they want to impose on us and the colonialism with which they want to conquer us.”

The president noted that the question is “how we implement and follow up on what has been discussed” at the event, and pointed out that Cuba will do everything possible from its government and political structures to materialize the proposals, together with other friendly governments.

He added that next year on this same date, the third colloquium will be held to discuss not only the diagnosis, but also to analyze what has been provided and the results based on the proposals and how they have been implemented.

The Cuban president also spoke about the need to build a culture and education that prepares the people to take on this important battle, design platforms for political preparation in communication and the support that the Jose Marti International Institute of Journalism and Cuban universities.

He underscored the importance of preparing those who will train future professionals, to reassess, requalify, and always defend the principles of the left wing, and stressed that “we are going to fight united, and we are going to fight as Che taught us, with the conviction that we will always fight until victory.”