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Homage to Che Guevara in a square named after him in Italy

Rome, Oct 8 (Prensa Latina) A square named after Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, located in the Italian commune of Collegno, in the northern city of Turin, was the scene today of a tribute to the heroic guerrilla, 56 years after his death.

In that place, where a monument was erected in 1979 that remembers the Cuban-Argentine revolutionary and his fellow fighters, who fell with him in Bolivia, an event organized by the Italy-Cuba National Friendship Association took place this Sunday. (Anaic), Marco Papacci, president of that organization, told Prensa Latina.

At the event, which had the collaboration of the municipal authorities and the National Association of Italian Partisans (ANPI), numerous interventions took place highlighting the life and work of the revolutionary, murdered in La Higuera, Bolivia, on 9th. October, 1967.

The various speakers also reaffirmed their support for the Cuban Revolution and condemned the aggressions of the United States with the purpose of destroying it, in particular the economic, commercial and financial blockade that it has maintained against the Island for more than 60 years, in violation of the human rights of its people.

Marcos Hernández, consul general of Cuba in Milan, referred to what Che’s example means for humanity, and in particular highlighted his internationalist spirit, present in Cuban doctors who bring their solidarious help to other peoples of the world, who even they assisted one of the participants in his murder in Bolivia.

Silvana Accossato, regional advisor, condemned international terrorism and expressed special gratitude to the Cuban people, heirs of the ideals of Che and Fidel Castro, for helping other nations of the world, including Italy.

Accossato made reference to the health specialists of that country who collaborated in the northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont during the worst moments of the Covid-19 pandemic, and who are now providing the same aid in southern Calabria.

Ezio Bertolotto, president of the ANPI of Collegno, narrated the historical fact that an Italian partisan, Gino Doné, who participated in the Granma yacht expedition, was always close to Che, whom he helped after the landing while he was suffering from an asthma attack.

Papacci recalled the words of Italo Calvino, whose birth centenary is celebrated in a few days, he described Che as “a man who asked of himself and others the maximum spirit of sacrifice, convinced that all sacrifice that is avoided today will be paid tomorrow with an even greater sum of sacrifices.”

The president of Anaic highlighted Che’s moral and political legacy, for his spirit of sacrifice and his example, to the last consequences, of fighting against imperialism “wherever it appears.”