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Lebanese organizations denounce US interference in Cuban matters

Beirut, Mar 20 (Prensa Latina) Friends of solidarity and political organizations from Lebanon and Palestine condemned the interference of the government of the United States in the affairs of Cuba and reassured their support for the Cuban Revolution.

The José Martí Arab-Latin Solidarity Association stressed in a statement that despite the difficult circumstances imposed by the US blockade, the Cuban people maintain their firmness and give humanity the meaning of true internationalism in the face of colonialism, exploitation, and wars.

The association emphasized that US imperialism is not content with the unjust blockade and its dangerous consequences, “but also exploits the economic crisis and resorts to “soft warfare” directly and through its agents to incite the people against the government and ignore all the achievements of the Cuban Revolution.” It added that the economic crisis that Cuba is suffering is essentially the result of the brutal US blockade, which “confirms the need to go against it.”

Also, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Lebanon rejected the inciting actions carried out by Washington against Cuba, its people, and its government, and denounced the attempts to damage the security, sovereignty, stability, and internal unity of the country, sowing gaps and promoting lies.

The Press Office of the Front stated that the US administration uses its spy agencies and media outlets to obstruct any solution adopted by the Cuban government in its response to the country’s economic and social needs. It also highlighted that Cuba’s battle against the White House policies of siege and aggression is the same as all leftists, socialists, democrats, progressives, and free peoples of the world.

The organization highlighted that the people of Palestine, regardless of their affiliations and social segments, do not stop supporting Cuba, its people, its government, and the Communist Party, while fighting their own battle against Israel’s atrocities.

The Association of Cubans residing in Lebanon expressed its opposition to the interference of the United States in the internal affairs of the nation and the incitement of social disorder, sponsoring demonstrations and criminal acts, naming unjust the blockade imposed on Cuba for over six decades, and denounced the fact of keeping Cuba on the list of state sponsors of terrorism.