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China denounces US and UK plot in cyber attacks

Beijing, Apr 2 (Prensa Latina) China denounced that the United States and the United Kingdom conspired to incriminate hackers allegedly associated with the Chinese government in a cyber attack on both nations.

According to a statement from the Chinese Ministry of State Security, the two countries used this excuse to impose unilateral and irrational sanctions against China. “This action is a clear attempt to defame and politicize the issue of cybersecurity, causing serious damage to China’s legitimate interests,” the statement said.

Based on the facts, the United States is the main source of cyber attacks and the greatest threat to the security of global cyberspace, as it has long used its technological advantages and network resources, including the “Five Eyes” alliance, to conduct mass surveillance and steal secrets from third parties around the world, including its allies. “Cyber attacks and covert surveillance activities conducted by the United States and the United Kingdom are characterized by a clear division of tasks, a complete technical ecology, and a strict organizational structure.”

China also accused the two nations of conducting frequent military operations in cyberspace and promoting strategies such as “preemptive strikes” and “cyber deterrence.” “In the first quarter of this year alone, more than two thousand cyber attacks were carried out from the United States and its military bases abroad against China and other countries, including various Chinese institutions and companies in key areas such as artificial intelligence, production of chips and clean energy,” it added.

The Ministry of State Security mentioned programs such as “Prism Plans” and “Upstream Plans” for data collection, as well as “Olympic Operations” aimed at invading infrastructure.

China held that cybersecurity is a common challenge facing all nations, and advocated the peaceful use of cyberspace. It also opposed the politicization of cybersecurity issues, pledged to combat all forms of web attacks, and actively responded to security threats.

The United States recently announced sanctions against a company and two Chinese citizens, accusing them of malicious cyber operations against US critical infrastructure, backed by the Chinese government. On the other hand, the United Kingdom accused China of carrying out cyberattacks against its elected representatives and electoral commissions.