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Venezuela: ALBA-TCP renews hopes in world meeting

Caracas, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) The celebration of the World Gathering for a Social Alternative, which opened new hopes for the peoples, the withdrawal of Venezuela’s diplomatic corps from Ecuador and the arrival of international observers have stood out in the week that closes this Saturday in Venezuela.

The social meeting was convened by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People’s Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) and the Simon Bolivar Institute, the 300 delegates from 60 countries have been mulling over the dangers on humanity for two days.

Beyond recognizing the decadence of capitalism in its highest phase, but still alive, the galloping rise of fascism, expressed in an irrefutable way in the genocide of Israel against Palestine, participants proposed to build up a strategy of struggle and to unite the peoples.

The encounter, held at the Melia Caracas Hotel, was attended by organizations and social movements from Latin America and the Caribbean, intellectuals, political parties from ALBA-TCP member nations, among other representatives from the United States, Africa, Europe and Asia.

At the meeting, concepts such as hyper-imperialism were discussed to expose the global predicaments humanity faces due to imperialism, pointing out its decline and its loss of control in what were once its productive and financial pillars; nonetheless, military, technological and communicational sectors are still being influenced by imperialism.

ALBA-TCP’s Executive Secretary Jorge Arreaza stressed that this is a paramount time since capitalism is in decline, “like a wounded beast is lashing out to try to prolong what is meant to die.” He further assured, “in such a fog, monsters emerge like those who are bombing the Palestinian people today.”

The executive secretary referred to the left, its divisions and fractioning due to “personal differences and ideological currents,” and he underscored the pressing need to unite, to take the people to the streets, to seize political power and to seek consensus.