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Lopez Obrador denies campaigning at press briefings

Mexico, Apr 5 (Prensa Latina) President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador replied on Monday some statements according to which he is campaigning for election in his press briefings, which is prohibited by the National Electoral Institute (INE).

During his morning press briefing at the National Palace, when Lopez Obrador was asked about the issue, he denied he did this kind of campaign; since in his daily speeches, he never mentions any political party or exhorts them to vote or reject them.

I can say that the adversaries are conservative, without mentioning anyone particularly, because that is a concept that has no party and they are reactionary movements, mentioned that way because they react when there are changes, such as in case of Mexico, although it is like that across the world.

The issue came to light by a journalist at the INE’s rivalry against the Government that does not hide and whose censorship attitude to the MORENA ruling party is daily denounced by the leadership of that group founded by Lopez Obrador.

According to the president, his adversaries are annoyed and angered when the people are supported, they see it badly, they described it as an electoral campaign, and they are hypocritical, because if it is for the benefit of those above they see it as promoting the development, but if it is the poor they repudiate it and describe it as political maneuvering.

This is what they do with vaccination, and gave an example of an isolated event of a volunteer who showed a vaccine with an empty syringe, and although the error was corrected within minutes, it is only one in more than seven million vaccinated, the press media turn it into the main national news story with international repercussions.