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President Lopez Obrador rejects US policy on Cuba

Mexico, Feb 22 (Prensa Latina) Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador on Thursday described the United States blockade against Cuba as purely ideological and political charged, while recalling proposals on migration to US President Joe Biden.

“What will happen if the US removes the blockade against Cuba?” The head of State wondered at his morning press conference at the National Palace. “Well, nothing, they say terrorism, but there is nothing like that. It is pure ideology and politicking,” Lopez Obrador replied to the question himself.

The president added that what is happening is that there are Cuban politicians in the US who have taken advantage of that inhumane medieval policy.

“There are four or five million Cubans in the United States, but there are over 40 million Mexicans. However, Cubans have lawmakers, senators, people involved in all governments, they have big influence there,” the president argued.

Lopez Obrador stated, “Why? Well, because they profit from that confrontation, and they are not interested in the Cuban people doing badly as long as they are doing well.”

“But someone has to dare say that all that is going to change. President Barack Obama wanted to do so and even went to Havana, but then they reversed everything,” he recalled.

In that regard, head of State referred to item five and the programs for migrants to enter the United States through legal channels, and to eliminate uncontrolled migrations and described it as a good program that the State Department should generalize to all its embassies in Latin America and the Caribbean, including the one in Havana.

Lopez Obrador said that since it has been pursued, 400,000 Latin Americans and Caribbeans have already entered the US through legal channels without risk to their lives, thus satisfying a reality of the United States, which is its need for labor.