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Cuban intellectuals express solidarity with Maduro and Venezuela

Havana, Apr 3 (Prensa Latina) Renowned Cuban intellectual Abel Prieto on Wednesday supported the call to defend the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela from US interference in its internal affairs, especially in the presidential elections on July 28.

By ratifying his solidarity with President Nicolás Maduro and Venezuela, the president of Casas de las Américas backed up a declaration in support of this cause published on the website of Cuba en Resumen.

On his X profile, Prieto called on the Government of the United States to keep its “hands off Venezuela” and demanded an end to the “Yankee interference campaign” in that nation, which has been recognized as the country where more democratic elections have been held in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Precisely, this transparency and irrefutability of the Venezuelan electoral system was highlighted on Tuesday by the aforementioned publication, as one of the merits that Washington seeks to delegitimize in its desire to impose candidates who represent its own interests.

According to the call, the incumbent US administration only intends to take over Venezuela and its enormous hydrocarbon resources, for which Washington has reinforced the economic blockade and sanctions in that area.

In this regard, the call pointed out that the White House uses coercion against Venezuela by blocking its accounts in third countries, the blatant theft of its gold and the constant aggression of media terrorism.

It denounces US violations of international conventions on respect for the sovereign decisions of States, by wanting to “impose a president tailored to his needs and interests, to take over Venezuela and its wealth, and annihilate the people’s huge social achievements.”

It also warns that the United States intends to impede the leadership of the Bolivarian country in the region and the world, its foreign policy based on respect, multilateralism, solidarity and peace, and turn it once again into one of its colonies.

Cuba en Resumen also called to denounce the assassination plots against the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, on March 25, by hitmen who respond to the fascist organization “Vente Venezuela,” which never requested to be registered as a party.

The publication pointed out that in 2023 and 2024, seven conspiracies whose objectives were to attack military installations and government leaders were deactivated.

It recalled that in February, the Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office arrested 15 people linked to the “White Bracelet” plot to assassinate President Maduro and other senior leaders of his Government, with the aim of unleashing chaos and commotion in the country.

The media outlet, which is attached to the Argentine magazine Resumen Latinoamericano, called on social movements, and political and cultural organizations to “support with all our strength the Venezuelan electoral process, based on Agreements that will guarantee the normal development of the presidential elections on July 28.”