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Most Argentines experience economic difficulties, according to survey

Buenos Aires, May 27 (Prensa Latina) 56.3 percent of Argentines claim to have economic difficulties in covering their monthly expenses, and 29.4 percent say they cannot do so, according to a survey conducted by the Center for Public Opinion Studies (CEOP).

Based on an analysis by CEOP for the Página 12 newspaper, almost six months into Milei’s administration, the head of state maintains 46 percent approval, but 54 percent have a bad or a worse opinion of his mandate.

CEOP director Roberto Bacman explained that after a rapid fall at the beginning of his Presidency (which he reached with 55.65 points), Milei’s image remains on a 45-48 percent plateau, only explained by a strong campaign based on the creation of an enemy which Milei blames for all evils: the so-called “caste”.

Furthermore, Bacman pointed out that Milei maintains a profile of a “terrible child”, which he uses to try to break schemes, produce scandals, and star in musical shows to sustain his character story of being removed from traditional politics, trying to cover up events such as a recent train accident due to lack of repairs, the delay in the approval of the so-called Omnibus Law, the failure of the May Pact (for which he needed the support of governors and legislators), the crises in his cabinet, the protests in Misiones and the massive demonstrations in defense of public education and labor rights.

Bacman indicated that the head of state does not face a clear sky, but is facing dark clouds such as the fall of his hardcore below 30 percent and the increase of his opponents, in addition to the fact that salaries are not enough and nine out of 10 interviewed recognize that their income is insufficient.

The perception of the possibility of losing one’s job is also growing. “Four out of 10 people say it and there are 46 percent who say they know someone who was fired in recent months,” he said, adding that 60 percent of the population says they are out of patience or about to lose it, only three in 10 maintain that they will endure whatever is necessary.

He also specified that inquiries show that 98 percent of the people advocate increasing pensions, 65 ask to maintain the moratoriums that allow entry into the pension system, 67 support the continuity of soup kitchens and 62 percent do not agree with the return of the Income tax for workers.

A survey by Zuban Córdoba y Asociados revealed that 55.5 percent oppose the free carrying of weapons because they consider that it will increase violence.