Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Canal RSS de la Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Cuba Works to Diversify Local Goods for Export Havana, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) With the design of strategies that seek to take advantage of the existing potentialities in each of the Cuba''s provinces, the Government wants to diversify local exportable goods, Director General of Foreign Trade Vivian Herrera said. Nicaragua Calls for Unity in the Face of Unilateral US Sanctions Simferopol, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) Strengthening Latin American and Caribbean integration and unity is a must today to withstand increased U.S. unilateral sanctions against Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, a minister of the latter nation underscored on Friday. Melia Hotels Rejects US Hardened Sanctions against Cuba Havana, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) Spanish hotel chain Melia Hotels International has issued on Friday a statement rejecting the latest US sanctions against Cuba that harden the 60-year economic, financial and trade blockade on the island. Cuba to Hold Meeting on Construction (OVER) Havana, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) The Ministry of Construction (MICONS) has called to participate at Cicons 2019, Informatics and Technical Scientific Information for Construction Services, in November in Havana. Chain of Defaults Causes Billionaire Losses to the Cuban Economy 18 de abril de 2019, 19:38Havana, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) The economic effects detected by the 13th National Verification of Internal Control by the General Comptroller of Cuba, revealed economic losses of two billion pesos in total currency, it was known today. Zimbabwe Presents Projects to Create Needed Jobs in Two Years 18 de abril de 2019, 19:03Harare, Apr 18 ( Prensa Latina ) The president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, presented 59 projects that will provide about 780,000 jobs in the next two years, local media reported today. Nicaragua Received 33,000 Tons of Wheat Donated by Russia 18 de abril de 2019, 18:58Managua, April 18 (Prensa Latina) In the port of Corinth, Nicaragua''s main maritime entrance, a shipment of 33,000 tons of wheat donated by Russia is being unloaded this Thursday. United Kingdom Rejects New U.S. Sanctions Against Cuba 18 de abril de 2019, 17:12London, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) The British government described today as extraterritorial and illegal the decision of the United States to allow their nationals to establish lawsuits against foreign enterprises operating in Cuba. Cuban Ministry Reports Progress in Housing Construction Program Havana, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) A report from the Cuban Ministry of Construction (MICONS), said on Thursday that about 4,576 homes were completed in Cuba until closing first quarter of the year. The Economy, a Victim of the Sociopolitical Crisis in Nicaragua By Francisco G. NavarroManagua, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) The sociopolitical crisis that started a year ago today in Nicaragua has the economy among its main victims, although several approaches try to hide that reality. Spanish Hotel Group Defends Its Operations in Cuba Madrid, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) The Spanish hotel chain Melia defended its operations in Cuba and condemned the tightening of the economic sanctions imposed by the United States on the Caribbean nation, local media reported on Thursday. Cuba Calls on the World to Stop US Aggressiveness Havana, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Government called on the international community and US citizens to stop the escalation of aggressions by the White House, which is betting on tightening the economic blockade of the Caribbean island. Four New Pharmaceutical Plants Began Operations in Syrian Province Damascus, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) Four new drug plants have started full production in the Syrian province of Tartus and another five are in the construction phase, according to the region''s Department of Industries. Over 3,000 Delegates Attend Yalta International Economic Forum Simferopol, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) More than 3,000 delegates from 100 countries are on Thursday attending the 5th International Economic Forum in Yalta, where they are attempting to agree on investments and business, over and above unilateral sanctions imposed by the West on the Crimea. USA Reinforces Attacks against Venezuela Through Bank Sanctions Washington, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) The United States Government increased the aggressiveness towards Venezuela and the administration of its constitutional president, Nicolás Maduro, through the imposition of new sanctions against the Central Bank of the South American country. Mali's President Announces National Talks on Insecurity Bamako, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) The President of Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar, announced today he would hold talks with all political forces and the sending of economic support for the central zone due to the situation of insecurity in the country. No US Aggression Can Defeat Us: Cuban Vice-President Luanda, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) Vice President of the Cuban government, Ricardo Cabrisas, assured there is no aggression by the United States that will defeat the resistance of the Cuban people. Alan García: Long Political Career that Ended Badly By Manuel Robles Sosa Lima, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) Former Peruvian President Alan García ended tragically his life, committing suicide with a shot in the head, putting an end to a long and controversial career in which he twice ruled his country and was marked by the stigma of corruption. US Congressman Considers Inhuman to Limit Remittances to Cuba Washington, Apr 17 (Prensa Latina) Limiting remittances to Cuban families is simply inhumane, the president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, Eliot Engel, said today about that US measure against the island. China Warns of Adverse Effect of Sanctions on Venezuela Beijing, Apr 17 (Prensa Latina) China warned today that external sanctions and interventionist stances such as that of the so-called Lima Group will only further complicate the situation in Venezuela, whose government it supports in its efforts to safeguard national sovereignty.