Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Canal RSS de la Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Nicaragua: Attempt of Coup 'Made in U.S.' By Alberto Corona* Managua (PL) The failure of a coup attempt in Nicaragua makes it possible to clear up, based on documents and denunciations, who financed, incited and served as pawns in the wave of violence that caused at least the death of 198 people in little more than three months. The Resistance Prevailed: Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi Is Free By Nicholas Valdes* Cairo (PL) The Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi, a world icon of the resistance of her people against the Israeli occupation, was finally set free after almost eight months in prison. CELAC, EU Join Forces to Face Global Challenges By Luisa Maria Gonzalez* Brussels (PL) Faced with global challenges such as consolidating multilateralism and promoting fair trade, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the European Union (EU) decided to combine forces based on shared values and principles. The Latest Zionist Outrage By Nicholas Valdes* Cairo (PL) Israel has done it again. What it started 70 years ago with the Nakba -meaning in Arabic 'catastrophe' or 'disaster' and used to designate the Palestinian exodus- now reaches a new level. Israel is proclaimed Nation-State of the Jewish People. Nicaragua, Venezuela under the Same Siege By Carmen Esquivel* Havana (PL) Masaya, Managua, Esteli and other Nicaraguan cities have faced since the middle of April an escalation of violence that resembles destabilizing models directed from abroad and applied already in other countries, such as Venezuela. Lula, a Citizen Kidnapped by the Brazilian Judiciary By Moises Perez Mok* Brasilia (PL) Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a political prisoner for 12 weeks, is a citizen temporarily kidnapped by the Brazilian Judiciary so that his political rights remain null and void until the elections conclude. U.S., Cuba and the Unexplained Sounds By Waldo Mendiluza* Havana (PL) The United States returns these days to the issue of health incidents that allegedly affect diplomats from that country in Cuba, which it describes as attacks despite the lack of evidence to support such an accusation. U.S., OAS: their Attempts to Destabilize Venezuela By Carmen Esquivel* Havana (PL) After applying the media, economic, commercial and financial war against the constitutional government of Venezuela, the OAS is another scenario from which the United States and its allies aim to continue the destabilization of the South American country. U.S.: Children's Crying and the Power of Collective Anger   By Martha Andres Roman* Washington (PL) The immigration policies of the current U.S. government frequently provoke criticism and condemnation, but collective anger at these practices reached a new level when thousands of children became its most visible victims. U.S.-Cuba: Between Backing Down and the Willingness to Better Links By Martha Andres Roman Washington (PL) One year after President Donald Trump's decision to reverse much of the rapprochement with Cuba, two realities finally emerge: the backward step in links and the interest of many sectors to improve them.