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28 de julio de 2021, 1:18 

From perfection to depression

By Joel Michel Varona cyt@prensa-latina.cu

28 de julio de 2021, 1:0 

Havana, Jul 28 (Prensa Latina) Persian authorities highlighted the cooperation between Iran and Cuba for the production of anti-Covid-19 drugs, amid sanctions imposed by the United States on both countries, the Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV) reported Tuesday.

Moscow, Jul 27 (Prensa Latina) Russia presented at the United Nations a draft agreement to confront the criminal use of information and communication technologies, the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office in this country informed on Tuesday.

Luanda, Jul 27 (Prensa Latina) They are still assembling the load and no one could now calculate the final amount, but many Cubans in Angola are currently joining forces to send aid to their country, which is incessantly fighting Covid-19.

Havana, July 27 (Prensa Latina) Cuban health authorities notified 7,903 new people detected with SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19, and 75 deaths in the last hours due to complications from the disease.

27 de julio de 2021, 2:0

Madrid, Jul 27 (Prensa Latina) Spain began the process of donating 7.5 million vaccines to Latin American and Caribbean countries, which will be distributed through the Covax mechanism of the World Health Organization (WHO).

27 de julio de 2021, 1:0

Berlin, Jul 27 (Prensa Latina) Amid a fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, the German Government on Monday ruled out mandatory vaccination, but admitted the possible implementation of new epidemiological containment measures.

27 de julio de 2021, 0:15

Havana, Jul 27 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's Health Ministry reported that 8,900,350 doses of vaccines have been administered in the country to fight SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19.

26 de julio de 2021, 17:56

Paris, Jul 26 (Prensa Latina) The 'Cuba Linda' solidarity organization denounced the destabilization plans of the United States against Cuba and repeated its demand for ending the blockade.

Havana, Jul 26 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) on Monday reported that for the second consecutive day, the country reported more than 8,000 Covid-19 cases, showing a high contagion rate.

Bogota, Jul 26 (Prensa Latina) The Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba proposed that July 26 be declared by the peoples of 'Our Americas' the Day of Continental Rebelliousness.