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14 de agosto de 2018, 12:23Mexico, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) Mexico''s next government coincides with the current administration in rejecting the United States'' intention to set a deadline for the North American Free Trade Agreement every five years.

Caracas, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) The International Colloquium on the Thoughts of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez to the Unity and Independence of Latin America and the Caribbean is taking place today in this capital, organized by the Venezuela-Cuba Mutual Friendship and Solidarity Movement.

Ankara, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced here today that his government will boycott U.S. electronics in response to sanctions imposed by Washington.

Cairo, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) Egypt's Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El-Molla signed three agreements today for the exploration of oil and natural gas in the Mediterranean, Western Sahara and Nile Delta.

Buenos Aires, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) In a conflict that has been going on for more than one month and a half, Telam workers are still fighting for the 357 dismissed colleagues while the service of that Argentine state agency continues interrupted.

Panama, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) Panamanian society woke up today, shaken by a new scandal over alleged blackmail to the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) to favor the case against former President Ricardo Martinelli, denounced Kenya Porcell, the nation''s attorney.

Addis Ababa, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) Ethiopia is intensifying efforts with a view to achieving a productive strategy of efficiency in the agricultural sector, considered a primary source of economic income and key in guaranteeing food security.

Havana, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) A tourist familiarization program (MegaFam) is being prepared by the authorities in this country on occasion of the 40th anniversary of the International Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Group, Havanatur S.A., it was officially reported today.

Asmara, Aug 13 (Prensa Latina) Eritrea and Somalia are discussing ways to strengthen bilateral ties, as part of the steps established by the governments of both countries in the normalization of relations.

London, Aug 13 (Prensa Latina) The price of currencies as well as stocks and metals are currently being dragged down by the fall of the Turkish lira, analysts say.

Los Angeles, USA, Aug 13 (Prensa Latina) The shark thriller The Meg, directed by Jon Turteltaub, is today topping the box office in the United States, where it surpassed 44.5 million dollars in its opening weekend.