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The Havana Reporter No.14/ Nov 29, 2019U.S.-Cuba relations, including the Trump administration´s latest measures to strengthen the economic blockade and the worldwide condemnation of that policy, are among the highlights of this year´s 14th issue of The Havana Reporter, published November 29.

This issue also covers the celebrations honoring the 500th anniversary of the foundation of  Havana, as well as the peak tourist season (November-April) and bioenergy production and investment projects in Cuba.

The sports section brings the reader closer to the Caribbean island´s progress in women´s wrestling and the results of the 2019 Marabana marathon.

Haiti´s political crisis and Argentina´s recent elections are also discussed in this issue.

The Havana Reporter No.13/ Oct 30, 2019The latest steps in the implementation of Cuba´s new Constitution and recent developments in relations between the Caribbean country and the U.S. are among the highlights of this year´s 13th issue of The Havana Reporter, published October 30.

The upcoming celebration of Havana´s 500th anniversary, on November 16, the participation of Cuban artists in the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards, and the 41st edition of Festival of New Latin American Cinema are also featured in this issue.

Other articles focus on the impact of the International Monetary Fund on Latin American economies and Havana´s International Trade Fair, which will take place November 4-8, with official delegations and businesspeople from more than 50 countries attending.

This issue also takes a look at Cuba´s participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, for which several athletes from the Caribbean island have already qualified.

The Havana Reporter No.12/ Sep 27, 2019Cuba´s strategy to cope with the reinforced U.S. blockade is among the highlights of this year´s 12th issue of The Havana Reporter, published September 27.

This issue features President Donald Trump´s latest restrictions regarding family remittances to Cuba, as part of a policy implemented by previous U.S. administrations.

In contrast, the progress that the Caribbean island and the European Union have made in their relations is also discussed in light of the Second Joint Council, recently held in Havana. At the meeting, the visiting delegation reaffirmed its rejection of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act and its willingness to continue expanding cooperation in several sectors.

The cultural pages bring the reader details of the successful performances given by Cuban dancers and musicians in Panama and the United States, respectively. Another article focuses on the films that will represent several Latin American countries at the next Oscar Awards.

Additionally, this issue takes a look at the results of the Lima 2019 Para Pan American Games and covers the first female baseball commentator in Cuban history.

The Havana Reporter No.11/ Aug 30, 2019Details of the upcoming school year in Cuba and the country´s economic strategies  in the face of the tightened blockade  by the Trump Administration are among the highlights of this year´s 11th  issue of  The Havana Reporter, published August 30.

Meanwhile, the cultural section brings the reader information on the Friends of Jazz Festival, which Santiago de Cuba will host again this September, and pays tribute to Cuban musician Juan Formell and Bayamo´s Wax Museum.

The dengue epidemic in the Americas, Colombian President  Iván Duque’s first year in office and the recent political resistance in Puerto Rico, which led to the ousting of its governor, are also covered.

In regards to sports, this issue features an analysis of the Pan American Games medal table, comparing the results of the recent Lima 2019 Games to those of Toronto in 2015.

The Havana Reporter No.10/ Jul 30, 2019Details of the latest session of Cuba's Parliament, including the approval of a new electoral law and the island's challenges at the current Pan American Games in Lima are among the highlights in this year´s tenth issue of  The Havana Reporter, published July 30.

The recent visit to Cuba by representatives of the U.S. foundation Pastors for Peace is also featured in this edition.

Other articles focus on Cuba's clean energy programs, the tourism industry as well as the island's cultural life, including a new film about Cuban women's struggle for their rights.

This issue also brings the reader details of Cuba's largest summer fair.

Recent social demonstrations in Costa Rica and the shadows of Chile’s development are discussed in this number too.