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Interior Bolivia

La Paz, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) The Chamber of Deputies approved on Friday the Law of Democratic Guarantees that President Jeanine Añez intends to block, in the middle of a repressive climate and despite a critical UN report on human rights in Bolivia.

Mexico, Dec 5 (Prensa Latina) Former president of Bolivia Evo Morales called this Thursday for the unity of his supporters in the lead up to an extended assembly of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), which will deal with the upcoming elections.

La Paz, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) A hundred academics and experts from universities and research centers in several countries signed a statement urging the Organization of American States (OAS) to respect Bolivia's democratic institutions and processes.

La Paz, Dec 3 (Prensa Latina) Many Bolivian families in remote communities and populous cities like El Alto today do not have access to physicians and health personnel, whose presence was reduced or eliminated after the coup d'état against Evo Morales.

La Paz, Nov 28 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian Ombudsman's Office on Wednesday reported the death of Calixto Huanacu, the tenth victim of the military-police operation carried out on Tuesday, November 19, in Senkata, El Alto.

Mexico, Nov 27 (Prensa Latina) The ex-president of Bolivia Evo Morales said to be moved by the event of support to his people that students of the National Autonomous University of Mexico paid him, expressed this Wednesday in his twitter @evoespueblo.

La Paz, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) Constant mobilizations in Cochabamba, voices raised against repression and the enactment of a law to hold new elections mark the complex situation in Bolivia on Monday, 15 days after the coup d'état.

Havana, Nov 23 (Prensa Latina) Clandestine communicators and journalists on Saturday condemned, through Agencia Bolivia en Resistencia (ABR), the coup d'état against President Evo Morales, and denounced the violence created by the de facto government.

La Paz, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) The Ombudsperson of this Bolivian city, Teresa Zubieta, confirmed today that eight of the nine victims of the repression on Tuesday were shot, despite the government denying military responsibility.

Mexico, Nov 21 (Prensa Latina) Former president of Bolivia Evo Morales reiterated today the need to create an international truth commission, in order to dispel the lies woven by the coup plotters to justify the de facto government and its crimes.