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Cuba united South against North, Syrian presidential advisor states

Damascus, Sep 18 (Prensa Latina) The adviser to Syrian President, Bouzeina Shabaan, said on Monday that through the G77+China Summit Cuba managed to unite the countries of the South against the North represented by the United States and Europe.

Representatives of 134 countries arrived in Cuba in an unprecedented challenge to the unjust blockade imposed by the United States and its allies on Cuba for almost 60 years, the senior official said in an opinion article published in the Al-Watan newspaper.

She considered that Washington has been bent on isolating and impoverishing Cuba for decades; however, Havana welcomed and united the continents of Asia, Africa and Latin America, which represent 80 percent of the world’s population and two thirds of the members of the United Nations.

Shabaan affirmed that after the BRICS, ASEAN and G20 summits, the meeting of the Group 77 and China was undoubtedly the largest global event of this century and the most important in terms of attendance and connotations.

This event was neither protocol nor formal, but rather, an authentic rendezvous attended by representatives of countries with hearts hardened by bitter experiences over years and decades with the countries of the North, she pointed out.

Shabaan added that these nations decided to raise their voices from a country that suffered the longest blockade known to humankind, and to strongly denounce the policies of blockade, injustice, colonialism, impoverishment, sanctions, marginalization, exploitation and racism that these peoples have suffered in various forms.

It was proved during the Summit that the United States and Europe are isolated from the majority of humanity and that Cuba, which they tried to besiege for decades, is today the source of inspiration for the peoples, thanks to its sustainable resistance and its defense of the values of well-being and justice, the presidential advisor noted.

She pointed out that Cuba witnessed the sunset of the West and the failure of its repressive and colonial policies and its catastrophic system of illegal sanctions, as well as the unprecedented awakening of the peoples of the countries of the South.

On the other hand, she indicated that the focus on the fundamental issues of scientific, cognitive and technological development is enough to move forward and achieve added value, to achieve justice and equality of conditions, and to eliminate, once and for all, the arrogance, discrimination, hegemony and wars imposed by the North.

The Syrian high official noted the ideas raised by Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel at the Summit, who redefined the countries of the South, saying, “We are not poor countries but impoverished and deprived of technology and science so that we remain marginal and to make it easier for the countries of the North to plunder our human resources and wealth.”

He pointed out that humanity needs a just and sustainable global order that will allow most of these countries to emerge from the crises that have been imposed on them.

The countries of the South must focus today, in a participatory and collective manner, on scientific resources, innovation and the strengthening of scientific and cognitive capacities to achieve sustainable development, he said. In this regard, Diaz Canel highlighted Cuba’s experience and example in scientific and medical research, as it demonstrated that a blockaded people managed to produce numerous vaccines thanks to its scientists and cadres, and made these medical achievements available to the countries of the South.